2016 LUCERNE FESTIVAL SOMMER. Young Performance vom 8. September 2016. “Divamania” neue Produktion aus dem Kreativlabor Young Performance. Konzept und Choreographie Massimo Gerardi. Bild: Peter Fischli / LUCERNE FESTIVAL


Since 2016, Noè is member of the production Divamania of Lucerne Festival.
In this especial show, Noè not only participates as a percussionist but also as a actor and dancer.

“In the future everyone will be world famous for 15 minutes” -Andy Warhol

Divamania is an experimental theater piece which explores the rapid behavioral changes that can be observed in our digital social spheres. The rise of social media and resulting trends have created a unique landscape for the birth of a Contemporary Diva. In a time when going ‘viral’ can happen to the most common of  men, Andy Warhol’s prediction feels closer than ever. How will Social media affect our long term development? Are ‘Likes’ the new currency of self worth? How will our digital lives impact human interaction. Six musicians and two dancers will address these questions.

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